Fibers & Textiles

Fibers & Textiles
Created using Unitika’s combined strengths, our clothing materials have the future covered. Our high value-added, environmentally friendly products are sold around the world.

Unitika Trading handles our fiber and textile business operations, including planning, manufacturing, and sales of not only textiles and bedding materials but also finished products.
Having established original material and chemical recycling technologies, we concentrate our efforts on the development of environmentally friendly next-generation materials that will set the standard, with a focus on high value-added materials made possible by our raw fiber development and processing technologies.
Working to enhance our overseas production locations means working hand in hand with them to create lines of globally competitive products.

Garments,lifestyle materials,bedding

As a result of integrating the fiber divisions of the Unitika Group, we have established a seamless operation framework, from material development, product planning right through to production and sales. Through the development and supply of synthetic fiber materials, natural materials and advanced materials, which form composites of both synthetic and natural materials, we are able to offer materials and products that are in demand in the market and deliver them quickly. Unitika meets a diverse range of needs from garments, lifestyle materials right through to bedding.

■ Garment fibers

■ Uniforms/Other

■ Lifestyle materials & bedding

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Biomass Plastic (Terramac)

Unitika has pursued the development of materials with a wide range of characteristics, such as compliance with environmental measures, etc. for use in the civil engineering, agricultural, forestry and fisheries industries. Terramac has a wide range of applications, not only in woven knitted goods, but also as a material for daily necessities, sanitary products and lifestyle goods, etc. in the form of yarn and cotton for short-fiber nonwoven fabric. (Terramac is a plastic made by polymerizing lactic acid produced by fermenting the sugar collected from plant materials, such as corn, etc.)

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