Fibers & Textiles

Fibers & Textiles
From the development of raw fiber to fiber and textile products.
Dynamic spinning technologies, production and sales taking our products to the world.

Our fiber and textiles business forms the starting point of all Unitika’s operations. In addition to clothing and industrial materials, our fiber and textiles business is actively working towards the manufacture and sales of final products. In collaboration with our partner company Unitika Trading Co., Ltd., we are also making a dynamic shift to expand into the global market in the area of manufacturing and sales. These activities include the proposal of high added value materials born from raw fiber development and processing technologies, including nozzle design, expansion of the sales driven by our production base in Indonesia, Unitex, and the promotion of activities fully using our strength in the production and sales of fiber and textile products. In the area of industrial materials, Unitika offers a range of specialized products backed by our development facilities mainly in the field of civil engineering, construction, marine products, sanitation and medical applications. We are corresponding to various type of detailed customer requirements, such as filaments used in 3D printers, by our integrated development, production and sales forces.

Industrial materials

In the area of industrial materials, Unitika offers a range of unrivalled products backed by our development capabilities for applications in a variety of fields, including civil engineering and construction, marine products, sanitation and medical applications. We boast a fully integrated development, production and sales framework to address even the most detailed customer requirements, such as filaments for use in 3D printers, etc.

  • Fishing Line

    Fishing Line

    A specialized fishing line designed specifically for this purpose and application from the material development stage.
  • “Thermosensitive” 3D Printer Filament

    “Thermosensitive” 3D Printer Filament

    This product boasts properties not found in conventional products. Due to a unique, special polyester resin, the filaments can be formed into a range of shapes simply by heating them at safe low temperatures after the molding process.
  • “TERRAMAC” 3D Printer Filament

    “TERRAMAC” 3D Printer Filament

    “Terramac” 3D printer filament is a filament that can be molded into a range of shapes as a result of our experience in working with PLA accumulated through our Terramac business and melt-spinning technologies.
  • Radiation-shielding waterproof sheet

    Radiation –shielding water proof sheet

    Sheet that offers the performance of conventional waterproof sheets and tarpaulins while also offering shielding against radiation, such as X-rays and γ rays.
  • Segurova


    Segurova, designed to prevent riverbank erosion, is made from polyester filament. Compared to conventional concrete block mats, it cuts carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 90%.


    CASTLON is a nylon fiber made from the seeds of non-edible castor oil plants. It is a biomass material garnering a lot of attention for its low environmental footprint. It also boasts superior wear resistance, bending fatigue strength, size stability and cold-temperature flexibility. Its lightweight properties make it ideal for use in the manufacture of bags, etc.
  • Safety net

    Safety net

    Safety net is the lightest net for use on land in Japan. These nets are made using polyester dyed yarn and offer outstanding strength for use in construction work, etc.
  • Flame-retardant mesh sheet

    Flame-retardant mesh sheet

    Mesh sheet for use in construction that boasts outstanding flame retardation properties.
  • U.G.M


    Mesh sheets for use in civil engineering applications. Its durability and rigidness make it ideal for reinforcing soft ground foundations and embankments, etc.
  • Sunflora tent material

    "Sunflora" tent material

    Tent material made from ultra-high-strength polyester. It is waterproof, durable and available in a range of colorful colors.
  • Permacare


    Stain-resistant canvas that repels dirt and is easy to wash used for truck and seat covers. Permacare stays clean for long, and especially Permacare with a fluorine film insert is a popular choice.


    “Melset” is a high-strength, sheath core composite multi-filament with a high-viscosity polyester resin for the core and a low-melting point polyester resin for the sheath. It is a sheath core binder fiber that can be molded into a range of shapes following heat treatment.


    Polyester binder fiber developed first by Unitika. CASVEN enables fibers to be bonded together without using an adhesive, making it possible to produce 100% polyester solid fibers.
  • Cornetta


    Cornetta is a spun yarn consisting of regular polyester at its core and binder polyester in the sheath. Not only does the thermal bonding process give it hardness, elasticity and form retaining properties, etc. that couldn’t be achieved without resin treatments in the past, it also suppresses formalin, created when processing resins. Cornetta is 100% polyester meaning that it can also be recycled.
  • Masonry fall prevention net

    Masonry fall prevention net

    Unitika TRINEO is garnering attention as reinforcing material for concrete, to prevent flaking on the surface of concrete structures and to reinforce secondary cement products. TRINEO has a triaxial mesh structure achieved through a design unique to Unitika and comes in a variety of specifications to meet a range of applications, making it an extremely popular product.
  • PVA for paper and asphalt roofing

    PVA for paper and asphalt roofing

    Unitika PVA has a history of over 50 years since it was first launched as primary fiber and fibrous adhesive for sliding screen doors and decorative paper. In the papermaking field, Unitika PVA is used in a range of applications, including construction, medicine, the automotive industry, electronic products and OA devices, etc. and in the nonwoven cloth field, is used in automotive filters, as a chemical lace base cloth and as automotive cleaning cloths, etc.
  • Green Eye Hyper

    Green Eye Hyper

    Long-pile artificial turf that is highly-durable, resistant to wear and the weather and offers a long service life, while providing a uniform texture and high degree of safety.
  • CUBIC EYE Innersole

    “CUBIC EYE” Innersole

    “CUBIC EYE” Innersoles are a double raschel innersole designed for working people. The 3D honeycomb structure absorbs impact and prevents sweating during the summer while the additional air layer helps to retain heat through the cold winter months.
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Garments,lifestyle materials,bedding

As a result of integrating the fiber divisions of the Unitika Group, we have established a seamless operation framework, from material development, product planning right through to production and sales. Through the development and supply of synthetic fiber materials, natural materials and advanced materials, which form composites of both synthetic and natural materials, we are able to offer materials and products that are in demand in the market and deliver them quickly. Unitika meets a diverse range of needs from garments, lifestyle materials right through to bedding.

■ Garment fibers

■ Uniforms/Other

■ Lifestyle materials & bedding

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Biomass Plastic (Terramac)

Unitika has pursued the development of materials with a wide range of characteristics, such as compliance with environmental measures, etc. for use in the civil engineering, agricultural, forestry and fisheries industries. Terramac has a wide range of applications, not only in woven knitted goods, but also as a material for daily necessities, sanitary products and lifestyle goods, etc. in the form of yarn and cotton for short-fiber nonwoven fabric. (Terramac is a plastic made by polymerizing lactic acid produced by fermenting the sugar collected from plant materials, such as corn, etc.)

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