Development Products

  • Low Modulus Heat Resistant Film

    Low Modulus Heat Resistant Film

    This is a new type of polyamide film that achieves both heat resistance and flexibility. It can be widely used in applications where conventional low-elasticity sheets could not be used because of low heat resistance. It also has excellent electrical characteristics and is expected to be applied to flexible printed circuits suitable for high frequency signal.

  • Flexible Heat Resistant Polyamide

    Flexible Heat Resistant Polyamide

    While maintaining the characteristics of XecoT® such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, and biomass-derived, it has achieved a low elastic modulus comparable to that of rubbers and elastomers. So we call this material a new concept "SOFT SUPER ENGINEERING PLASTIC".

  • Organic Solvent Resistant Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules

    Organic Solvent Resistant Hollow Fiber Membrane Modules

    We have developed totally new separation membranes that can be used in organic solvent systems. It contributes to energy saving and cost reduction in areas such as concentration of target substances in the manufacturing process, removal of impurities, and regeneration of waste solvents.

  • Imide-based epoxy curing agent

    Imide-based epoxy curing agent

    We have developed a new imide-based epoxy curing agent. It improves the performance of your epoxy resin for electronic parts in high temperature range.

  • Cellulose Nanofiber reinforced Nylon6 resin

    Cellulose Nanofiber reinforced Nylon6 resin

    Unitika's unique polymerization technology has created next-generation nylon with high concentration and uniform dispersion of cellulose nanofibers (CNFs). This is gives you more rigidity than 30% glass fiber (GF) reinforced nylon 6 as well as better sustainable solution, and even contributes lightweighting solution.

  • Magnetic Nanowires

    Magnetic Nanowires

    High-performance electromagnetic shielding is achieved by blending our nickel-based nanowires. Being capable of absorbing electromagnetic waves in the gigahertz band, it can be effectively applied for the 5G, 6G devices.

  • Conductive Nanowires

    Conductive Nanowires

    We developed a new conductive nanowire which has superior in long-time reliability against conventional Ag nanowire. This also has lower ion-migration compared to Ag nanowire. Our conductive nanowire can be applied in the field of IoT devices, automotive devices, and so forth.

  • Polyurea for hand-painting

    Polyurea for hand-painting

    This new Polyurea has longer pot life than conventional polyurea to remain unhardened for hand-painting applications while retaining the advantages of common polyurea (high strength, high durability, and solvent-free).

  • XecoT


    “XecoT” is an aromatic polyamide resin made from biomass monomer. It shows overwhelming high-performance based on Unitika’s unique polymerization and compound technology.

  • Nylon 6 Resin Heat Dissipation Grade

    Nylon 6 Resin Heat Dissipation Grade

    Nylon resin with the world's highest level of thermal conductivity in the general-purpose engineering thermoplastics. It is expected to expand into a wide range of demands, including office automation equipment, IT equipment, electric and electronic components, LED illumination components, and sensor components.



    Biaxially oriented high heat-resistant polyamide films. Unitika’s experience and technical expertise in film processing enabled this resin to be converted into oriented films. Electric and electronic uses are the typical applications that can take full advantage of “UNIAMIDE”’s characteristics.



    Unique silicone free PET release films developed by Unitika’s own technologies. As “UNIPEEL” eliminates silicone contamination during the production process, its applications as release film are versatile including the electronic field.