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"Differentiation" going beyond synthetic and natural fibres Textile products move from garments into the industrial field

Garments,lifestyle materials,bedding

Since the fiber divisions of the Unitika group are integrated, our business operations are deployed seamlessly, through the development of materials, proposal of projects, production, and sales. Unitika develops and offers synthetic fiber materials, natural fiber materials, and advanced materials, which are composites of both synthetic and natural materials, to offer the materials and products demanded by the market and deliver them quickly. We can provide materials for a range of needs including garments, lifestyle materials, and bedding.

■Synthetic fiber


Advanced heat-shielding material. Efficiently shields the wearer against heat, by blocking most visible and ultraviolet rays.


Although highly resistant to water pressure, this material has excellent moisture permeability. It performs superbly during strenuous exercise and amidst high winds and heavy rain.


A material using copolymerized nylon, for use in low-temperature melt adhesion. The multifilament structure facilitates efficient melting and bonding of the fibers, enabling the material to be used for a variety of purposes.


Functional material that efficiently shields the wearer against the heat-carrying (infrared) rays of the sun, keeping the wearer cool. It has excellent UV protection and see-through prevention properties.

Unitika Super Mewlon

With a strength 1.5 times greater than that of conventional PVA filament yarn, and an amazing 80% the strength of aramid fibre. Offers high quality at low cost.


A 100% plant-derived nylon fiber made from castor beans. A wear-resistant, lightweight material. Lightweight material that offers excellent resistance to wear and other properties.


Stretchy material using an elastic polymer. It stretches with less effort, and is highly resilient, so moves easily with the wearer.


A nylon material with superior moisture absorption and release characteristics. The material is outstanding at absorbing and transporting perspiration away and, as such, is used primarily for sportswear.


Controls moisture absorption and desorption with its core-in-sheath composite structure that features a special nylon-coated water-absorbent polymer.

Thermotron RadiPoka

A highly heat-retentive material that utilizes the synergy of the conversion of sunlight to heat and the radiation of far-infrared rays.


A new silky 100% polyester material made possible by both a technology for compounding two types of polymer, and an innovative fiber manufacturing method. This material combines good draping with a fine texture. Its elegant scroop and mat finish have never been achieved with previous products. The unique texture offers high elasticity and expandability.


A 100% polyester material, made of processed fibers with a unique structure created by Unitika technology, is lightweight and has a natural, warm appearance. The material is soft and slightly elastic with the texture of natural combed or carded wool.


A nylon-liNylon-like silky material with a moist feel that has a delicate gloss and natural slub-yarn-like features.


A line of high-dimensional safety materials for uniforms that are designed to satisfy global safety requirements. A "highly visible material," "infection-prevention material," and "flame-retardant material" are offered.

■Natural fiber


A standard multilayer yarn product developed over 30 years ago. This product has a special structure with polyester staple fibers wrapped in high-quality cotton.


The world's highest-standard ultrafine 240-count yarn, made from spun gold. This material has a fine texture that is superior to that of cotton.


A highly-effective odor elimination and wash-resistance process applied to products such as knit shirts, diaper covers, and nursing care goods.


A polyester fabric made from recycled PET bottles. This material has a soft texture and high bulk.


A tobacco deodorizing process for clothing. This material breaks up several odor components to enable rapid deodorizing.


SEK-approved anti-bacterial/odor-prevention finish that reduces the propagation of microbes and bacteria on fibers. This treatment is completely safe and non-toxic, so it can be used with a wide range of natural and synthetic fibers. This functional finish satisfies a demand for sanitized products in several areas.


An anti-bacterial deodorizing process using chitosan and other natural components that are gentle to the skin.


An ecological, natural fiber made from pulp obtained from tree plantations. Can be given a unique texture and a wide range of appearances.


A material with a smooth, crisp texture, comfortable dryness, and a clear look.


Super-long Indian cotton is used to make this high strength cotton material. This high quality is obtained by applying hybrid technologies.

■Uniforms, etc.

Stage Costumes

SYMPHONIC is a dress that will beautifully light up the stage on the grandest of occasions. This range features an abundance of options.

School gymnastics uniform

School sportswear styled with today's fashion. Unitika Mate has established partnerships with designer labels for several projects.

Office uniform

Unitika Trading offers a comprehensive range of office wear, with our activities ranging from designing and planning, through manufacture, to sales. Our lineup of high-quality products all make full use of the features of the materials.

Caddie wear

The "Caroline" line of golf caddie uniforms features innovative designs and materials. Unitika also manufactures and markets a wide range of golf goods such as front-desk uniforms and bath amenity goods.

■Lifestyle materials, bedding


A household cleaning cloth that doesn't require cleanser. The cloth is made from ultra-fine polyester filaments and can remove dirt just by wetting the surface with water and then wiping. This material can be used repeatedly just by washing out the dirt after use.


Unitika's towel operations cover all processes from raw materials to sales. Each product is made of the optimum material, with differentiation achieved by using quality cotton and special mixed spinning processes. Cooperation between production teams in Japan and overseas enables efficient production, with brands such as Decot and Blancflorale.

Super-luxurious comforter cover

Superfine cotton yarn created by applying handmade-style spinning technology to Indian raw cotton, one of the world's best super-long cottons. This comforter cover is extremely popular as a super-luxurious comforter cover with its super-flexibility, light weight, and sophisticated luster.


From tailor-made down quilts and a range of bedding products to the total coordination of interiors. Unitika can help you achieve a comfortable lifestyle with a wide array of products.

Ester comforter cotton wool

Polyester comforter cotton wool. This material has outstanding bulk, while being light, and offering excellent heat insulation. Products with antibacterial, deodorizing, flame retardancy, and anti-tick properties are readily available.