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"Differentiation" going beyond synthetic and natural fibres Textile products move from garments into the industrial field

Industrial materials

In the fibre and textile business, Unitika enhances the applications of industrial fibres by further promoting a shift to advanced materials. For application to civil engineering and construction, we provide sheets for construction work, mesh sheets for ground reinforcement, sealing sheets, etc. In the PVA market, which has grown considerably over recent years, PVA short fibres which are used for reinforcing cement and as a substitute for asbestos, and Super Mewlon, which has a strength 1.5 times greater than that of conventional PVA, are expected to play an active role.

Fishing line

A specialized fishing line which has been designed specifically for this purpose ever since its material was developed. Several variations are available for lure/bait fishing.

Radiation-shielding waterproof sheet

Sheet that offers the performance of conventional waterproof sheets and tarpaulins while also offering shielding against radiation such as X-rays and γ-rays.

Safety net

The lightest nets for use on land. These nets are made using polyester spun-dyed yarn and offer outstanding strength for use in construction work.


Segurova, designed for preventing river bank erosion, is made from polyester filament yarn. Compared with conventional concrete block mats, a 90% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions can be attained.


A nylon fiber made from the seeds of non-food, castor-oil plants. An environmentally friendly biomass material that has gained a lot of attention. Good wear resistance, bending fatigue strength, size stability, and cold-temperature flexibility. The lightweight characteristic of the material means wider applications, such as for bags.

Flame-retardant mesh sheet

Mesh-form construction work sheet which exhibits outstanding flame retardation properties.


Mesh sheets for use in civil engineering applications. Its high strength and rigidity make it ideal for reinforcing fragile foundations and embankments.

"Sunflora" tent material

A fabric for tents, made from ultra-high-strength polyester filament yarn. It is waterproof and durable, and is available in a range of attractive colors.


Used to fabricate truck covers/seat covers that resist dirt and which can be easily washed. A wide range of attractive colors is available. In particular, the fluorine film type is highly acclaimed.

Masonry fall prevention net

Unitika TRINEO is popular for fabricating the nets used to guard against falling masonry and concrete, as well as for reinforcing secondary cement products. TRINEO has a triaxial mesh structure that is achieved using a process unique to Unitika, is available in a range of specifications to satisfy different situations, and enjoys the major share of the market.

PVA for paper and asphalt roofing

Unitika PVA has a track record of more than 50 years as the main constituent fibre of sliding-screen paper and facial tissues, as well as fibrous adhesives. In the papermaking field, Unitika PVA is extensively used for construction, medical, automotive, electrical appliance, OA equipment, and other applications. In the nonwoven cloth field, Unitika PVA is used for automobile filters, chemical lace foundation cloths, car wiping cloths, etc.

Green Eye Hyper

Long-pile artificial turf that is highly durable, is resistant to wear and the weather, and offers a long service life, while providing a uniform texture and a high degree of safety.