Information Security Statement

Unitika recognizes the importance of information security in deploying its business activities. In order to protect the information assets including Personal Information from various threats, Unitika stipulates information security policies and addresses information security management in order to maintain and improve information security.

Based on the information security policies, Unitika implements information security measures.

Unitika builds up an information security management system and systematically grapples with information system.

Unitika provides education and training on information security policies to officers and all employees, and strives to prevent information security accidents.

Unitika continuously improves information security.

Unitika complies with all the related laws and regulations including the Personal Information Protection Law.

Shuji Ueno
June 27, 2019
President & Chief Executive Officer
Unitika Ltd.
Shuji Ueno
President & Chief Executive Officer Unitika Ltd. Shuji Ueno