Privacy Policy

Unitika Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Unitika”) shall observe the relevant laws and regulations, including the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information Protection Act”) in relation to personal information it collects from you and shall ensure the proper management and protection of personal information in accordance with the following policy in order to gain the trust of society.

Personal information

Personal information refers to information pertaining to an individual, including their name, date of birth and other information that enables identification of the relevant person.

Collection of personal information

Unitika will obtain personal information exclusively by legal and fair methods.

Purpose of use

Unitika shall only use personal information following the purposes below and if its acquisition method is clear and shall not use it for any other purpose except in the cases where it is permitted by law or consented by the individual to whom the personal information relates.

  • (1)In order to collect or provide information concerning Unitika products or services.
  • (2)In order for Unitika to contact shareholders and its customers or to respond to enquiries from such parties.
  • (3)For the recruitment activity of the company as reference material and for contacting the applicants to inform them of the result of the recruitment process, etc.
  • (4) In order to send samples and gifts to our customers.

Shared use of retained personal data

Unitika may share “Retained personal data” it holds in relation to its customers, etc. with other Unitika Group Companies. When the “Retained personal data” is shared within the Unitika Group Companies, it will be collected only after rendering clear explanation for how and what information will be shared (type of personal data, whom it is to be shared with and the purpose of use) and after obtaining consent from you.

Name of company responsible for the management of personal data to be shared with other Group companies

Unitika Ltd.

Maintaining the accuracy of personal information

Unitika shall make every reasonable effort to maintain the accuracy of collected personal information and keep it up-to-date.

Security and management measures

Unitika shall implement security measures for its security management against unauthorized access or disclosure in order to prevent the leaking, loss, and destruction of personal information obtained. In addition to this, Unitika shall properly train the employees who handle personal information.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Unitika shall not disclose any personal information to third parties without your prior consent except in the cases where personal information is disclosed to the extent necessary to entities to which Unitika outsources its services to or its business cooperation, or is otherwise permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act.

Personal information inquiry counter

Please make any complaints regarding the handling of personal information via the following.

  • (1)By post
    4-1-3 Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
    541-8566 Japan
    Personal Information Group, Information Security Committee, UNITIKA LTD.
    Complaints/Consultation Desk (Personnel & General Affairs Division)
  • (2)By e-mail
    Personal Information Group, Information Security Committee, UNITIKA LTD.
    Complaints/Consultation Desk (Personnel & General Affairs Division)
    Click here for the e-mail inquiry form

Please note that Unitika will not be able to help you in person at the office regarding the handling of your personal information.

Please post the “necessary documentation” to the following address when requesting the disclosure, correction, or ordering the disuse of your retained personal data.

4-1-3 Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
541-8566 Japan
Personal Information Counter (Personnel & General Affairs Division), Information Security Committee, UNITIKA LTD.

「Necessary documentation, etc.」

  • (1)Application documents
    1. Requests for disclosure: Retained personal data disclosure application (PDF: 0.09MB)
    2. Requests for correction, addition, deletion, order of disuse and removal:Retained personal data correction, etc. application (PDF: 0.09MB)
  • (2)Personal identification
    1 copy of a drivers’ license, passport, health insurance card, pension booklet or other form of official documentation.
    (Note) When applying by proxy, a power of attorney (stamped with a registered seal) and the seal registration certificate of the applicant must be attached to the above personal identification.
  • (3)Fees and payment method for disclosure requests
    Unitika shall collect 1,000 yen (please attach a 1,000 yen postage stamp to the application documents) for each application.
    Unitika shall respond to requests for disclosure, etc. later in writing via post.

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