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Polymers form the core and are the origin of Unitika's wide-ranging operations


Unitika offers a lineup of functional resins including "U-Polymer", "nanocomposite nylon", and "Terramac". Of these, "U-Polymer" has established itself as the standard super-engineering plastic. Furthermore, in plastic molding operations, Unitika supports special molding techniques including encapsulation molding, as molding techniques to offer even higher added value.

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Nylon 6 resin

Nylon 6 resin is found in a wide range of applications thanks to its outstanding moldability and hardness. In addition to automobile parts, nylon 6 is used for grass skis, where safety is of paramount importance.

Nano-composite nylon

A composite material with outstanding hardness, heat resistance, and moldability. Used in a wide range of products, typified by engine covers.

Nylon 66 resin

Nylon 66 resin offers outstanding heat resistance and hardness. The material is used in a wide range of products such as automobiles and electronic/electrical components.


Unitika was the first company in the world to commercialize polyarylate resin. This material has both outstanding transparency and high heat-resistance, and is applied to a wide range of industrial products.


A high performance polyamide of plant origin and aromatic compounds by unique technology of UNITIKA.It's an ideal environment material to open up a new field by good crystallinity, high heat resistance, low moisture absorption, slidability.

Terramac (polylactic acid resin)
"N701iECO (NTT DoCoMo)"

Terramac is used to make the bodies of mobile phones. As such, biomass materials have already made their way into daily life.


A sheet product made from polyester-based resin. Essential to IT-related industries for application to the components of electrical goods and electronic circuit boards.


Functional resin that is used as the binder in thermal transfer ink ribbons etc.

Resin for PET bottles

Resin for the PET bottles used for drinks. This resin is used for aseptic packaging by many beverage manufacturers.

PET resin

A lightweight and strong PET resin with outstanding moldability. This resin is used for the containers of cosmetics and other day to day products.


Aromatic polyimide with high heat resistance, good electronic insulation, chemical resistance, and radiation resistance. This material is used for heat-resistant coil shielding, heat-resistant tubes, OA equipment components, FPC membranes, semiconductor coatings, etc.

Encapsulation molding (Heat-seal molding)

Unitika has established an encapsulation molding technique by which components such as electronic parts are placed in a mold and then encased in resin. This technique has been used to produce the world's smallest waterproof device. The production technique has been adopted as the industry standard process in the photoelectric switch field.

Recycled resin

In addition to being a manufacturer of composites such as engineering plastics, Terabo also provides high-quality products to satisfy the demand for recycled thermoplastic resins.