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Polymers form the core and are the origin of Unitika's wide-ranging operations


Unitika established its original nonwoven fabric techniques from experience gained from synthetic fiber manufacturing accumulated over many years. We are now attempting to expand the sales of the “ELEVES” high-value added product using a composite fiber forming technique for enhancing sanitary material and carpet-related applications in our subsidiaries in Thailand. We are working towards expanding the sales of cotton spun lace for sanitary and cosmetic applications in our overseas markets.

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A bi-component composite spun-bonded nonwoven fabric. With heat-retaining properties and a unique softness, ELEVES is mainly used as a material for daily products.

Cotton Spunlace

100% cotton spun lace with outstanding sanitary and environmental properties. Cottoace is used in a range of common day to day products.


Used in all industrial material fields, mainly for carpets, automobiles, and building products.

MARIX for agricultural usage

Agricultural sheet used for forming curtains and matting in greenhouses. Useful for increasing cultivation efficiency and preventing crop disease.

ELEVES for agricultural usage

Special nonwoven fabric for agricultural covers. Its outstanding frost protection property can help prevent stunted growth.

Terramac nonwoven fabric

A biomass-based nonwoven fabric with excellent air and water permeability. Terramac would be completely biodegradable and finally decompose into carbon dioxide and water after use.

Recycled Needle Punched MARIX

Polyester spunbond, nonwoven cloth made from recycled PET bottles and mill ends of nonwoven products, which makes the optimum use of conventional outstanding spunbond techniques.

Needle Punched MARIX

Spunbond, nonwoven fabric with outstanding high strength and durability. A filter effect specific to spunbond nonwoven fabrics can be used to separate earth and sand from water.