Olefin spunbond nonwoven fabric

ELEVES is bi-component composite spunbond nonwoven fabric. Each individual filament has a double-layered structure that the sheath made of polyethylene covers the core made of polyester. The excellent features of these two materials are combined to make this product a high-performance nonwoven fabric sheet that can be used for a vast range of applications.

  • ELEVES image
    ELEVES used as material for diapers
  • ELEVES image2
    ELEVES used as packaging materials


  1. Heat seal offers an outstanding adhesive property.
  2. The fabric is as strong as polyester.
  3. Excellent water-repellent and lipophilic properties.
  4. Proper air and moisture permeability.
  5. The fabric can easily be combined with other types of material such as film.
  6. Compliant with food and additive standards (Notification No. 370 issued in 1959 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare).
  7. Polyester spunbond nonwoven fabric does not easily fray from an edge even when cut.
  8. Made of polyethylene and polyester, the material is insusceptible to deterioration due to gamma radiation sterilization.