Needle Punched MARIX
Needle-punched polyester nonwoven fabric

Needle Punched MARIX is needle-punched polyester nonwoven fabric sheet that takes advantage of the superb features of Unitika's spunbond nonwoven fabric. It boasts outstanding strength and durability and separates sediment and water using the filter effect unique to spunbond nonwoven fabric. This specially processed fabric can be used in a variety of applications.

Needle Punched MARIX
Needle Punched MARIX used as a light-blocking mat at a repository site


  1. Offers an excellent buffering effect (protection performance).
  2. Highly effective in separating the upper and lower layers.
  3. Use of spunbond nonwoven fabric enables drainage in both vertical and horizontal directions.
  4. In the case of either vertical or horizontal drainage, the sheet maintains water permeability equivalent to or greater than sand (10-1 or more) and seldom becomes clogged.
  5. Since, in addition to being very strong, the sheet is highly extensible and does not easily tear, it holds the ground firmly in place.
  6. Made of polyester, a material that is resistant to changes in weather, temperature, etc. and whose properties remain almost unchanged even under water or the ground.
  7. The sheet creeps less than those made of other materials when left under constant load for a long period of time.
  8. Flexibility and high coefficient of friction with soil allows soil structures to be built in an integrated manner.

Specifications and properties

Needle Punched MARIX is used as specially processed products such as a weed control sheet, light-blocking mat for the repository site, and materials related to disaster recovery.