Coarse Denir MARIX
High functionality nonwoven fabric made of filaments having special structures

Having a modified cross-section shape that is not found in any other kind of spunbond nonwoven and made of extremely thick polyester filaments, Coarse Denir MARIX is high functionality nonwoven fabric with excellent stiffness and permeability.
The fabric has multiple grooves in the longitudinal direction of filament, forming special three-dimensional structures as coarse internal pore structure on the surface.
These features make Coarse Denir MARIX suitable for use mainly as reinforcement for filter in a wide range of applications such as industrial materials, agricultural materials, civil engineering materials, and consumer products.


  1. Made of 100% polyester filaments, the fabric has excellent heat resistance and strength.
  2. Very thick filaments having a highly modified shape give high stiffness to the nonwoven.
  3. The fabric is made of very thick filaments, providing a high level of permeability of gas and liquid.
  4. The spunbond nonwoven ensures low dust generation.
  • image
    Cross-section photo of Coarse Denir MARIX and MB nonwoven layered product (as reinforcement for filter)
  • image2
    Surface of Coarse Denir MARIX after filtration
    (as filter media)

Physical properties of typical item

Item No. Weight Thickness
Tensile Strength
(Cut Strip)
Tear Strength
Air Permeability
g/m² mm N/50mm N cm³/cm²/sec cfm/ft²
JIS L1096 *MD *CD *MD JIS L1913 ASTM D737
D0403WPO 40 0.34 105 65 3.0 550 1080
D0503WPO 50 0.39 130 85 4.0 380 750
D0603WPO 60 0.42 160 105 4.5 300 590
D0703WPO 70 0.45 180 120 5.0 250 490
D0903WPO 90 0.49 250 175 6.5 160 320

Test Method (except Thickness) : JIS L 1913

* MD(machine direction)/*CD(cross direction)
* These data are offered only as helpful suggestions for experimental processing you may conduct.