Recycled Needle Punched MARIX
Polyester spunbond nonwoven fabric made of recycled materials

Recycled Needle Punched MARIX is polyester spunbond nonwoven fabric, made of recycled PET bottle flakes and nonwoven product remnants, that takes advantage of the existing excellent spunbond technologies. The product has received Eco Mark certification from the Japan Environment Association (certification number 00105029). It boasts outstanding water permeability and durability.



Spunbond nonwoven fabric having a double-layered structure in which virgin PET material is used as the sheath with the core made of recycled PET material. The ratio of recycled PET is 50% or more.

How PET bottle flakes and nonwoven product remnants are recycled

How PET bottle flakes and nonwoven product remnants are recycled

Specifications and properties

Item No. Specification Weight
Color Roll
AN300 ECO Black 50 300 3.0 2.4 15.6 12.7 780 635 80 65 55 50
AN400 ECO Black 50 400 4.0 3.0 20.0 20.0 1000 1000 105 105 60 60
AN500 ECO Black 50 500 5.0 4.2 35.0 23.5 1765 1175 180 120 60 60

* MD(machine direction)/*CD(cross direction)
* The measurement method shall comply with the following.

Tensile strength and degree of elongation: JIS L-1908
Tearing strength: JIS L-1096 (single-tongue method)
Penetration resistance: ASTM D 4833
Water permeability coefficient: JIS A-1218
Thickness (1): JIS L-1096 (pressure 7 g/cm²)
Thickness (2): JIS L-1908 (pressure 20 g/cm²)

The AN type is processed to provide the hydrophilic property.
Sewing processing is also available (at an extra cost).
The AN500 ECO sheet is compliant with the port-use sand prevention sheet standard
of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,
Transport and Tourism.