Agricultural Materials

Root Control

MARIX for agricultural usage

MARIX for agricultural usage

This is the root control type of the polyester Spunbond nonwoven MARIX for agricultural usage. It can be used for nutriculture and restricted root zone culture.


  1. The Spunbond nonwoven has high root control performance and water permeability.
  2. The Spunbond nonwoven has sufficient strength.
  3. Made of polyester, the fabric does not go rotten.
  4. The Spunbond nonwoven does not fray from edges.

Product specifications

Main application Root Control
Product name
MARIX for agricultural usage
MARIX for agricultural usage
Specification Roll length 100m
Width 100cm ○ ※ ○ ※
200cm ○ ※ ○ ※
Thickness 0.10 0.20
Water permeability (%) Water permeability supported 16.0
Shading rate (%) 65 60

* Measurement method

Thickness : JIS L-1096
Water permeability : Shall be tilted at 15 degrees
Shading rate: corresponding to Test Standard JIS L-1913

* Revision might be made without notice as additional information and experience are obtained.
* Roots may penetrate in or through the root control sheet, depending on the type of crop being grown, the period of use, and the usage method.