ELEVES for agricultural usage
Material for agricultural row coverings

ELEVES for agricultural usage is polyester composite spunbond nonwoven fabric convenient and useful for agricultural row coverings and tunnels. It protects crops from frost in the winter and promotes germination in the planting season. It has excellent air permeability as well as appropriate hygroscopic and warmth-keeping properties. Also, since the fabric is highly translucent, there is almost no need to worry about plant growth problems. Not only is it suitable for row coverings for outdoor grown crops but, when used with tunnels and greenhouses, it can also be applied for many other types of crops.


ELEVES for agricultural usage used for agricultural tunnels


  1. Superb frost protection capability helps plants to grow.
  2. The material is excellent in uniformity and durability and is light and easy to handle.
  3. The fabric has the properties needed to provide an appropriate environment for plant growth, such as proper air and water permeability, hygroscopic property, and translucency.
  4. Reinforced by woven fabrics bonded together, this product has high tearing strength and tensile strength, which prevents the fabric from being damaged by poles and fasteners (Reinforced ELEVES for row coverings).

Row covering material temperature

  No cover ELEVES for agricultural usage
Maximum temperature (°C) 34.5 38.9
Minimum temperature (°C) -1.2 2.7
Average temperature (°C) 10.2 14.3

* Row covering material used for single-layer closed tunnels
* Data source: Diluvial fields of the Tsurugashima Branch of the Saitama Prefecture Agricultural Experiment Station

Crop growth status

  Japanese mustard
Spinach Chinese flat
Green vegetable
Area covered by
ELEVES for agricultural usage
16.5 4.4 9.1 1.6 11.2
Area not covered 6.0 2.0 1.6 0.3 2.6

Growth status of crops sown October 22, as of December 10 [weight per root (unit : g)]
* Yamanashi Prefecture General Agricultural Experiment Station