Lower melting point polyethylene is used

ELEVES-II uses lower melting point polyethylene than that of ELEVES as the material for the sheath. This enables heat seal at lower temperature, making it possible to perform heat seal or thermal adhesion with polyethylene film or other material, which has been difficult in the past. Particularly, when thermal adhesion is performed with porous film that has fine holes, sealing at low temperature results in fewer film holes becoming clogged, leading to excellent film performance.


  1. While heat seal can be performed at lower temperature than with ELEVES, equally high heat seal strength can be obtained.
  2. The fabric is as strong as polyester.
  3. Proper air and moisture permeability.
  4. The fabric can easily be combined with other types of material such as film.
  5. Compliant with food and additive standards (Notification No. 370 issued in 1959 by the Ministry of Health and Welfare).

Heat seal performance of ELEVES-II
Heat seal strength(self-adhesion)


(Note) The data shows the results of measurements obtained in our lab tests and does not represent guaranteed values.

Suitability of thermal lamination with other materials

Type of nonwoven fabric Paper PET nonwoven fabric PE porous film PP porous film

◎ : Good ○ : Poor △ : Very poor