MARIX for agricultural usage
Material for agricultural interior screens in greenhouses and raising of young rice

MARIX for agricultural usage is polyester spunbond nonwoven fabric that Unitika developed for the first time in the world for agricultural applications. Leveraging over 40 years of affluent experience amassed since the launch of the product, we offer many different types of nonwoven fabric to suit customer needs. Its excellent properties exclusively intended for specific applications, such as agricultural interior screens in greenhouses, raising of young rice, and matting, support the production of agricultural crops from multiple aspects.


  1. The material boasts excellent dimensional stability and durability and is light and easy to handle.
  2. Proper air permeability keeps seedbeds from becoming excessively hot, humid, or dry and prevents leaf scorch. (Raising of young rice)
  3. Superb dehumidification and warmth-keeping performance. (Interior screens in greenhouses)
  4. A proper growing environment of crops is maintained by keeping soil from becoming excessively humid or dry. (Weed control)
  5. The material can be used to save energy and labor in various processes of crop cultivation.
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    MARIX for agricultural usage used as underlay sheets
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    PET Spunbond for interior screens in greenhouse with warmth keeping