Agricultural Materials

As one of leading spunbond nonwoven manufacturers, we support the production of crops from many aspects, utilizing our deeply accumulated know-how in this field.

  • Row Coverings

    Row Coverings

    Convenient, easy-to-use materials specifically designed for row coverings that require no arched poles.

  • Interior screens in Greenhouses

    Interior screens
    in Greenhouses

    Spunbond nonwovens are widely used as interior screens in greenhouses for reasonable shading, thermal insulation, and moisture retention etc.

  • Tunnels


    Spunbond nonwovens have a number of excellent features that make them suitable for use as tunnel materials.

  • Raising of Young Rice

    of Young Rice

    These products are useful for improving quality and saving time of agricultural work.

  • Weed Control

    Weed Control

    It's helpful in preventing the growth of weeds around crops to effectively supply water and/or nutriments to the crops.

  • Bottom Watering Mats

    Watering Mats

    Spunbond nonwovens for bottom watering mats that save watering labor.

  • Root Control

    Root Control

    High root control performance makes this product useful for nutriculture and restricted root zone culture.